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Hi there, Susan here.

Thanks for visiting my website. I have a degree in food and human nutrition. That is why I love studying how proper nutrition and food plays a role in maintaining our health.

Why did I set up this website?

Firstly, I have been suffering from eczema since young and I wanted to overcome my skin condition to regain my self-confidence. That is when I started to research more deeply about the types of eczema and how to fight them.

Secondly, I believed a lot of people are also suffering from eczema and it will be beneficial for them to get the proper knowledge to combat their symptoms. Anyway, I want to declare that I am not a qualified doctor and what I have shared here are based on my prior knowledge and research from credible sources.

Therefore, always consult your doctor prior to using any remedies.

Now you may be wondering why did I name the site as Susan Clark Beat Eczema?

This is basically the name of an ebook which I found to be very useful for anyone who wants to know how to treat eczema with natural remedies. I am a strong advocate for natural remedies because they are safer with minimal side effects unlike medical prescriptions such as steroids, that can bring about undesirable effects to the body.

Anyway, I hope that you find my website useful.



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